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Graphic: An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand 1966.


This information was published in 1966 in An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand, edited by A. H. McLintock. It has not been corrected and will not be updated.

Up-to-date information can be found elsewhere in Te Ara.




Several New Zealanders have emigrated to Southern Rhodesia. The following hold important positions in their various fields.

Geager, Kenneth Harold, M.B.E.

(1911– ).

Manager of Central African Airways.

Kenneth Geager was born at Wanganui, New Zealand, on 31 August 1911 and was educated at Wanganui Technical College. He emigrated to Southern Rhodesia in July 1938, where he joined Central African Airways, of which he is now the manager. He is an associate fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society. K. H. Geager lives in Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia.

Rogers, Cyril Alfred

(1923– ).

University lecturer.

Cyril Rogers was born at Papakura, New Zealand, on 10 August 1923. He was educated at Auckland University College (M.A.), at Melbourne University (B.Ed.), and at London University (Ph.D.). He saw war service in the Pacific and with the Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force in Italy. Dr Rogers spent three years as national secretary of the Association of University Teachers of New Zealand. He went to Southern Rhodesia in 1957 and became a lecturer at the University College of the Rhodesias and Nyasaland. At present he is directing a study of race relations in Central Africa.

Thompson, Victor Joseph, M.B.E.

(1899– ).

Salvation Army territorial commander for the Rhodesias.

Victor Thompson was born at Auckland, New Zealand, on 6 January 1899. He spent 25 years in India and ended this period as officer in charge of Eastern India and Burma. After three years in international headquarters, London, he spent four years as territorial commander for Ceylon. He then returned to New Zealand, where he held a similar position. In September 1954 he was transferred to Southern Africa, where he became territorial commander for the Rhodesias.

Todd, Reginald Stephen Garfield

(1908– ).

Former Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia.

Garfield Todd was born at Invercargill, New Zealand, on 13 July 1908. He was educated at Southland Boys' High School and Otago University before studying at Glen Leith Theological College, Dunedin. From 1928 to 1933 he served as minister of the Church of Christ, Oamaru. In 1934 he was appointed superintendent of the Churches of Christ Mission at Dadaya, in Southern Rhodesia, and held this post until he became Prime Minister. He entered politics in 1946 as member for Shabani and became Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia in 1953, when his United Rhodesia Party won an overwhelming majority of the seats. After his defeat in the 1958 elections he became managing director of the Hokonui Ranching Co. (Pvt.) Ltd., Dadaya. Garfield Todd holds honorary degrees from two United States universities: D.D. (Butler) and LL.D. (Milligan).

In addition to the above, several New Zealanders have risen to prominence in other fields, including F. X. B. Cooper (Napier), a dental surgeon in Bulawayo; L. D. Pearce, who was educated in New Zealand, now a company director and president of the Umtali Chamber of Commerce; M. Pring-Rowe, who was educated at Nelson College, also a company director; and R. N. Williams general manager for Rhodesia for the Reinforcing Steel Co. (Pty.) Ltd. Major Lavinia Benson (Lower Hutt) is the first woman Principal of the Salvation Army Educational Institute at Usher.