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Graphic: An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand 1966.


This information was published in 1966 in An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand, edited by A. H. McLintock. It has not been corrected and will not be updated.

Up-to-date information can be found elsewhere in Te Ara.



The following is a list of the principal New Zealand national sporting trophies, arranged according to their respective codes of sport. In some cases trophies for Australiasian competitions are also listed.

Sport Trophy Instituted Competition
Athletics Championship Shield 1889 Premier trophy, provincial supremacy
R. H. North Trans-Tasman Cup 1959 Australasian States (including New Zealand)
Speight Cup 1935–36 Points trophy for grand parade, national championships
Queensland Memorial Sheidl 1909–10 Centre gaining most points in records and standards
H. L. Towers Shield 1946–47 Centres points trophy, junior championships
Lumley Sisters Memorial Shield 1946–1947 Centres points trophy, women's championships
Badminton Wisden Cup 1934 Final, interprovincial competition
Neill Cup 1949 South Island zonal final
Slazenger Cup 1948 North Island zonal final
Whyte Trophy 1938 Australia v. New Zealand
Basketball New Zealand Cup 1926 First-grade championship, winners
Annie Brown Cup 1930 First-grade championship, runners-up
President's Shield 1932 Second-grade championship, winners
Hayhurst Cup 1933 Second-grade championship, runners-up
Kiwi Trophy 1937 Third-grade championship, winners
Armstrong Shield 1937 Third-grade championship, runners-up
Allen Challenge Shield 1958 Fourth-grade championship, winners
Hastings Cup 1958 Fourth-grade championship, runners-up
Atkinson Trophy 1949 North v. South Island match at championship tournament
Billiards Billiards Ltd. Shield 1945 National championship
Frank O'Connor Cup 1964 Highest score in two-hour session at national championships
Baksetball (men's indoor) C. R. Edmond Trophy 1946 National open championship, winners
H. C. Kendall Cup 1948 National open championship, runners-up
Carr Trophy 1952 Outstanding guard at national tournament
Forsyth Trophy 1952 Best free-throw percentage at national tournament
Monk Cup 1952 Outstanding forward or centre at national tournament
New Zealand Men's Basketball Association Trophy 1952 Awarded, in alternate years, for highest, lowest game score maintained threough national tournament
Chalres Fittes Shield 1947 Annual North v. South Island Match
Bowls New Zealand Championship Shield 1914 Premier trophy in New Zealand bowls: for teams of four
Bowls (indoor) Patron's Cup 1961 Inter-association trophy at national championships
Welch Trophy 1952 Inter-association challenge trophy
Boxing Dewar Shield 1946 Amateur heavyweight champion
George Bush Belt 1950 Amateur light-heavyweight champion
Cleverley Memorial Belt 1946 Amateur middleweight champion
Sommerville Belt 1952 Amateur light-middleweight champion
Parisian Cup 1933 Amateur lightweight champion
Morgan Cup 1928 Amateur welterweight champion
Watchorn Belt 1952 Amateur light-welterweight champion
Dervan Belt 1948 Amateur featherweight champions
Aldridge Memorial Cup 1950 Amateur bantamweight champion
Artie Beban Memorial Trophy 1956 Amateur flyweight champion
John Jameson Belt 1927 Most scientific boxer at amateur championships
Earl Stewart memorial Shield 1939 Association points trophy at amateur championships
Treston Shield 1953 Association with most contest victories at amateur championships (Earl Stewart Shield winners ineligible for this)
Car clubs H. J. Butcher Cup 1951 New Zealand road race championship
Chess Bledisloe Cup 1933 Interclub competition
Blackburn Cup 1935 Interclub competition (minor clubs)
Sport Trophy Instituted Competition
Chopping Hallstrom Cup 1960 Australia v. New Zealand
Cricket Plunket Shield 1906–07 Interprovincial cricket trophy, first-grade teams
Redpath Cup 1920–21 Batsman of the year-in first-class cricket
Windsor Cup 1938–39 Bowler of the year-in first-class cricket
Hawke Cup 1910–11 Challenge cup in second-class cricket
Technos Trophy 1959–60 Association contributing most to brighter cricket
Heathcote Williams Shield 1908–09 Secondary schools national competition
Cricket (women's) Hallyburton-Johnston Shield 1935–36 Interprovincial teams' championship
Amalgamated Theatres Shield 1930 North Island teams' championship
Mary Machin Shield 1934 South Island teams' championship
Croquet Lill Cup 1913 New Zealand open championship
Hartnell Memorial Cup 1934 New Zealand men's champion
Murray-Aynsley Cup 1913 New Zealand women's champion
Rawnsley and Macfarlane Shields 1913 New Zealand doubles champion
Cycling New Zealand Amateur Cycling Association Championship Points Shields 1951–52 Champonship competitions between cycling centres. Shields awarded for hard-track and grass-track championships
National Hope Gibbons Shield Interclub competition
Deerstalkers Orbell Challenge Trophys 1949 Annual competition for best antlers of any species
Fencing Australiasian Shield 1961 Australia v. New Zealand
Master-at-Arms Trophy 1960 Aggregate points, all weapons
Golf (men's) Freyberg Rosebowl 1951 Interprovincial men's tournament
New Zealand Open Champioinship (Brodie Breeze) Cup 1907 New Zealand open championships
New Zealand Professional Championship (W. H. MacDougall) Cup 1920 New Zealand professional championship
Golf (women's) Championship Cup 1893 New Zealand ladies' amateur golf championships
Mellsop Cup 1911 Ladies' stroke championship
Russell-Grace Cup 1949 Interprovincial teams match
Tasman Cup 1933 Biennial tournament between Australia and New Zealand
Hockey New Zealand Challenge Shield 1907 Premier men's hockey trophy
Hockey (women's) Izard Cup (1908–23) For premier team at the New Zealand tournament
“K” Cup 1924 Premier championship trophy (major section), winners
Floyd Shield 1913 National tournament (major section), runners-up
Mills Cup 1948 (1908) National tournament (minor section), winners
Holden Cup (1928–51) National tournament, runners-up in section play
Holden Cup 1952 National tournament, runners-up in minor section
Ice hockey Erewhom Cup 1937 New Zealand champion team
Ice skating Rosemary Clark-Hall Cup 1956 Ladies' school figure championship
H. T. Richards Memorial Cup 1946 Men's championship figure skating
Elfrida Richards Cup 1946 Ladies' figure and free skating championship
Herbert Barker Waltzing Trophy 1952 New Zealand waltzing championship
Norman Wright Waltzing Trophy 1955 For family competition
New Zealand Ice Skating Association Cup 1946 Pairs skating championship
Keith Butters Cup 1946 New Zealand dancing championship
Kennel club Dog of the Year Award 1964 Dog winning most first prizes in local or district shows
Wade Memorial Cup .. Best dog or bitch in national show
Anne Clarke Memoral Cup .. Best dog or bitch under 18 months
Galway Cup .. Best dog or bitch under 12 months
Marching Parry Cup 1944 New Zealand champion team
Hanan Shield 1946 Aggregate points trophy
Bock Shield 1951 Display march championship
Lustre Shield 1946 Best team leader
Stanton Medal 1945 Best marker
Motor racing Lady Wigram Trophy 1949 Annual motor race, Wigram
New Zealand Motor Cup 1954 New Zealand International Grand Prix
Tasman Cup 1964 Australasian champion racing driver
National Rifle Association New Zealand Rifle Champion Belt, now Ballinger Belt 1861 New Zealand champion
(1938) New Zealand champion
District Challenge Shield 1880 Champion teams match, winner
Collins Challenge Cup 1907 Grand aggregate
(New Zealand Army) Weekly Press Marksmanship Challenge Shields (2) 1907 Secondary school,.k cadets
Polo Savile Cup 1890 Premier trophy for polo
Australasian Gold Cup 1925 Competed for between Australasian States (including New Zealand)
Ploughing Atlantic Silver Plough 1956 New Zealand ploughing championship
Racing Auckland Cup 1874 Auckland Racing Club, 2 miles, £11,000
Wellington Cup 1874 Wellington Racing Club, 2 miles, £10,000
New Zealand Cup 1883 (1862) Canterbury Jockey Club, 2 miles, £5,000
Canterbury Cup 1866 Canterbury Jockey Club, 1 1,2 miles, £1,500
Dunedin Cup 1874 Dunedin Jockey Club, 1 1,2 miles, £1,500
Rowing Hallyburton-Johnstone Cup 1928 Interprovincial eights
Centennial Oar 1962 Club with highest aggregate points at annual championship regatta
Sport Trophy Institued Competition
Rugby Ranfurly Shield 1902 Interunion challenge trophy
Bledisloe Cup 1931 Australia v. New Zealand
Prince of Wales Cup 1928 Maori teams competition trophy
Tom Frenchg Cup 1949 Outstanding Maori player of the year
Rugby league Northern Union Cup 1957 Premier challenge trophy of rugby league
Trans-Tasman Cup 1908 Competition between Australia and New Zealand
Shearing Golden Shears Trophy 1961 Open championship
Ski-ing Ruapehu Ski Club Trophy .. Men's comnbined championship trophy
Egmont Cup 1926 Men's combined championship runner-up
Mrs A. B. Edwards Cup 1938 Women's combined championship trophy
F. B. Young Trophy .. Men's giant slalom
Kleeman Cup 1950 Women's giant slalom
McMillan Trophy .. Men's slalom
Collins Trophy .. Women's slalom
Muri Tankard .. Men's downhill
Naish Trophy .. Women's downhill
Major Head Cup .. Men's ski jump
Wills Trophy 1963 Championships teams competition
Small-bore Rifle Association “R” Cup 1926 Ladies small-bore rifle champion
Turner and Le Brun Cup 1932 Season's grand aggregate
Ross Shield 1949 North Island v. South Island teams competition
B.S.A. Guns Ltd. Shield 1949 Highest personal score in Ross Sheild match
Slazenger Shield 1949 New Zealand v. Australia
Snooker Arthur Campbell Memorial Cup 1964 National championship
Billiards (N.Z.) Ltd, Shield 1945 Highest break in championship tournament
Soccer Chatham Cup 1923 Soccer supremacy of New Zealand
Football Association Trophy 1922 Provincial supremacy
Brown Shield 1890–1922 Soccer supremacy
Brown Shield 1923 Minor associations competition
Softball John Lenon Trophy 1940 Men's club teams championship
Beatty Cup 1939 Men's interprovincial teams championship
Headifen Memorial Trophy 1962 Men's inter-island match
Dustin Cup 1940 Women's club teams championship
Bensell Cup 1940 Women's interprovincial teams championship
Sports (open) Sportsman of the Year Trophy 1963 Sportsman of the year elected by New Zealand sports writers, broadcasters, and telecasters.
Lonsdale Cup (N.Z.) 1960 For best New Zealand sportsman in any sport on the Empire Games Calendar
Squash rackets Riddifoed Gold Cup 1932 Men's champion
Mitchell Rosebowl 1951 Women's champion
Cousins Shield 1947 Men's national teams competition
Mitchell Cup 1958 Women's national teams competition
Surf lifesaving Nelson Shield 1915 Club teams championship
Allan Gardner Memorial Trophy 1959 Championship club points trophy
Swimming Freyberg Shield 1954 Provincial points competition (senior and junior) at national swimming carnival
Yaldhurst Shield 1912 Seniors' points trophy, interprovincial competition at national swimming carnival
Table tennis Donald Cup 1934 Men's singles champion
Donald Cup 1934 Women's singles champion
H. N. Ballinger Cups (2) 1934 Men's doubles champions
Vern Mitchell Rosebowls (2) 1934 Women's doubles champions
Wellington Cup and Rosebowl 1934 Mixed doubles champions
Arthur Meachen Memorial Cup 1953 Associations' teams' points trophy at national championships
Kean Shield 1940 Men's inter-association teams championships
Herbert G. Teagle Memorial Challenge Shield 1940 Women's inter-association teams championships
Victor Barna Cup 1950 Special qualities displayed at inter-association teams championships
Tennis Anthony Wilding Memorial Challenge Shield 1921–22 Men's inter-association teams competition
Kathleen Nunneley Challenge Casket 1929 Women's inter-association teams competition
Anthony Wilding Memorial Cup 1920–21 For association whose players score most points in New Zealand championship events
Trotting New Zealand Cup 1904 New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club, handicap, 2 miles, £7,000
Auckland Cup 1890 Auckland Trotting club, 2 miles, £5,000
Dunedin Festival Cup 1910 Forbury Park Trotting Club, 2 miles, £2,500
Yachting Sanders Cup 1921 Interprovincial X-class open championship
Cornwell Cup 1925 Interport Z-class under 19 years championship
Moffat Cup 1935 Interprovincial IA-class open championship
Giltinan Trophy 1938 International open championship-individual entry
Tanner Cup 1945 Interprovincial P-class under 16 years championship
Tauranga Cup 1945 Interport P-class under 16 years championship
Leander Trophy 1951 Individual entry R-class open championship
Ross Trophy 1956 Individual entry Cherub class open championship
Olympic Diploma 1961 Individual entry Junior Cherub class under 20 years championship
Silver Helm 1962 Individual entry Olympic Finn open championship
Fergusson Trophy 1963 The Governor-General's annual prize awarded to the individual who has given outstanding service to sailing
Flying Dutchman Class Championship (no trophy) - Individual entry Flying Dutchman class annual open championship. This is an Olympic boat.


McLintock, Alexander Hare