New Zealand’s weather is shaped by its mountains, the ocean surrounding the country and the winds from the roaring forties.

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Weather forecasting

With its elongated shape, New Zealand can be subtropically warm in the north and bitterly cold in the south, on the same day.

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Extreme weather

‘My overwhelming feelings at the time were partly fear and panic, but mainly helplessness and powerlessness. For a time there was nowhere to hide from the forces of nature …’ Brian

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Tāwhirimātea – the weather

New Zealand’s rapid weather changes, frequent rain, distinctive cloud patterns and strong winds all had a huge influence on the daily life of Māori.

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Factors determining weather

The weather is the particular atmospheric conditions and events at any one time. The climate is the average and the range of conditions over several decades.

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Predicting the weather

Māori observed birds carefully, and their actions were often believed to predict the weather.

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