Species with juvenile and adult forms

From juvenile to adult Some of the related subtropical trees and shrubs found in New Zealand forests have strikingly different juvenile and

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Unusual plant features

Giants Several plant groups which are herbaceous or small shrubs in the northern hemisphere have evolved into trees in New Zealand. These include tree-sized daisies, lilies, fuchsia

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Shrubs and small trees of the forest

New Zealand’s forests contain numerous small shrubs and trees, some showy and others modest – the small-leaved, twiggy types can be difficult to tell apart.

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New directions: 1890s–today

From collectors to ecologists In the 1890s the government turned its attention to forestry, agriculture, and pest and disease problems, which required the development of professional science.

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Bicycle manufacturing

New Zealand velocipedes

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The native garden

Changing attitudes In the 1970s Muriel Fisher, a suburban gardener in Auckland, and Lawrie Metcalf, a South Island parks horticulturalist, wrote highly influential books on growing

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