Symbols of identity

National identity is also reproduced on a daily basis through national symbols and everyday items.

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Nationhood and identity

The name of the country

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Recent collecting and collecting motivations

Nostalgic reflections

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Bicultural New Zealand

Integration By the first half of the 20th century Māori were participating in the major rituals of New Zealand life. They voted, had their own members of Parliament, played rugby,

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Nostalgia and materialism, 1960s to 2000s

From the 1960s two quite different attitudes affected interior-decoration trends in New Zealand. One was an interest in and valuing of New Zealand’s architectural and design history.

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Rock ’n’ roll and the Howard Morrison Quartet

Rock ’n’ roll, which emerged in New Zealand in the mid-1950s, was seen as music for teenagers, and – in the wake of the 1954 Mazengarb report on New Zealand juvenile delinquency – a bad influence.

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Advertising and New Zealand society

Advertisements began as purely informational, attracting people to purchase goods because of their qualities.

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