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Graphic: An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand 1966.


This information was published in 1966 in An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand, edited by A. H. McLintock. It has not been corrected and will not be updated.

Up-to-date information can be found elsewhere in Te Ara.



Championships and Competitions

National men's championships are held every year. The winners are:

1932 G. E. F. Kingscote (Christchurch)
1933 P. D. Hall (Christchurch)
1934 P. D. Hall (Christchurch)
1935 P. D. Hall (Christchurch)
1936 W. R. Fea (Hamilton)
1937 W. R. Fea (Hamilton)
1938 W. E. Renton (Timaru)
1939 W. E. Renton (Timaru)
1946 A. H. Malcolm (Timaru)
1947 A. M. Johns (Palmerston North)
1948 M. J. Souter (Timaru)
1949 A. M. Johns
1950 J. A. Gillies (Invercargill)
1951 J. A. Gillies (Invercargill)
1952 J. A. Gillies (Invercargill)
1953 D. D. Mochan (Palmerston North)
1954 P. R. Vesty (Timaru)
1955 D. D. Mochan
1956 D. G. Green (Dunedin)
1957 D. D. Mochan (Hawke's Bay)
1958 J. Cheadle (Australia)
1959 M. Oddy (Great Britain)
1960 C. Waugh (Palmerston North)
1961 C. Waugh (Palmerston North)
1962 C. Waugh (Palmerston North)
1963 C. Waugh (Palmerston North)
1964 C. Waugh (Palmerston North)
1965 R. Carter (Australia)

In 1947 the late F. A. Cousins donated a shield for a national teams competition. Five members make a team, and separate Island competitions are held. The Island winners play off the final. Winners are:

1947 Palmerston North 1950 Timaru
1948 Timaru 1951 Palmerston North
1949 Timaru 1952 Timaru
1953 Timaru 1960 Palmerston North
1954 Timaru 1961 Palmerston North
1955 Palmerston North 1962 Timaru
1956 Oamaru 1963 Timaru
1957 Oamaru 1964 Timaru
1958 Timaru 1965 Remuera
1959 Palmerston North

Women's championships began in 1951. This competition is for the Mitchell Rosebowl and has been won by:

1951 Mrs N. New (Palmerston North)
1952 Mrs N. New (Palmerston North)
1953 Mrs R. Maddern (Australia)
1954 Mrs N. New
1955 Mrs N. New
1956 Miss A. McKenzie (Oamaru)
1957 Miss A. McKenzie (Oamaru)
1958 Miss A. McKenzie (Oamaru)
1959 Miss B. Patterson (Hamilton)
1960 Miss A. McKenzie
1961 Mrs A. Stephens (Hamilton)
1962 Miss P. McClenaughan (Australia)
1963 Miss D. Linde (Australia)
1964 Mrs D. Deacon (Henderson)
1965 Miss H. Blundell (Australia)

Winners of the Mitchell Shield event, for play between women's teams of three players, are:

1958 Hamilton 1962 Remuera
1959 Remuera 1963 Hamilton
1960 Remuera 1964 Palmerston North
1961 Hamilton 1965 Palmerston North