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Graphic: An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand 1966.


This information was published in 1966 in An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand, edited by A. H. McLintock. It has not been corrected and will not be updated.

Up-to-date information can be found elsewhere in Te Ara.




Cup presented by W. H. MacDougall

Year Winner Club Venue
1920 J. H. Kirkwood Riversdale (Vic.) Hamilton
1921 E. S. Douglas Miramar Christchurch
1922 A. Ham Wellington Manawatu
1923 E. J. Moss Auckland Wanganui
1924 E. J. Moss Auckland Auckland
1925 E. J. Moss Auckland Christchurch
1926 J. McIntosh Masterton Miramar
1927 J. McIntosh Masterton Hamilton
1928 A. J. Shaw Napier Otago
1929 A. J. Shaw Napier Wanganui
1930 F. Rutter Glendowie Manawatu
1931 A. J. Shaw (Unat.) Wanganui Christchurch
1932 A. J. Shaw (Unat.) Auckland Wellington
1933 A. J. Shaw (Unat.) Auckland Titirangi
1934 A. J. Shaw (Unat.) Wellington Wanganui
1935 A. Murray (Unat.) Auckland Christchurch
1936 C. C. Clements Russley New Plymouth
1937 E. S. Douglas Otago Hamilton
1938 N. H. Fuller (Unattached) Christchurch Otago
1939 A. Murray Titirangi Miramar
1940–45 Not played during war
1946 A. J. Shaw Hastings Manawatu
1947 A. Murray Titirangi New Plymouth
1948 A. Murray Titirangi Otago
1949 R. H. Glading Christchurch Hastings
1950 E. A. Southerden Napier Christchurch
1951 R. A. Jackson (Unattached) Titirangi
1952 G. E. Hudson Palmerston North Wanganui
1953 P. W. Thomson Victoria (Vic.) Otago
1954 B. Crampton Beverley Park (N.S.W.) Wellington
1955 F. Phillips Concord (N.S.W.) Auckland
1956 J. Kelly (Unattached) Christchurch
1957 K. D. G. Nagle Pymble (N.S.W.) Manawatu
1958 K. D. G. Nagle Pymble (N.S.W.) Hamilton
1959 E. A. Southerden Napier Paraparaumu Beach
1960 K. D. G. Nagle Pymble (N.S.W.) Invercargill
1961 R. J. Charles Christchurch New Plymouth
1962 E. A. Southerden Napier Titirangi
1963 R. Tuohy N.S.W. Wanganui