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Graphic: An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand 1966.


This information was published in 1966 in An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand, edited by A. H. McLintock. It has not been corrected and will not be updated.

Up-to-date information can be found elsewhere in Te Ara.




It is laid down in the Federation's constitution that all members shall be amateurs and, indeed, there is no provision made for professional competition. The following are the lists of national title winners:

1950 (Wellington)
Fours R. G. P. Caldwell, E. D. Stevens, A. H. Childs, K. R. Smith (skip), Wellington
Pairs J. Walsh, F. G. Gooch (skip), Wellington
Singles H. Hubbard (Wellington)
1951 (Christchurch)
Fours C. H. G. Ward, G. McDonald, A. E. Curry, E. J. D. Macdonald (skip), Wellington
Pairs J. M. McPadden, R. E. Craig (skip), Wellington
Singles J. McGuinness (Wellington)
1952 (New Plymouth)
Fours C. H. G. Ward, G. McDonald, A. E. Curry, E. J. D. Macdonald (skip), Wellington
Pairs R. Learmonth, W. Edwards (skip), Waikato
Singles C. E. Minifie (Waikato)
1953 (Hastings)
Fours Mrs W. Reed, W. Reed, T. Odlum, L. J. Hills (skip), Taranaki
Pairs F. Haines, W. Wearne (skip), Canterbury
Singles O. Jordan (Taranaki)
1954 (Christchurch)
Fours C. A. Clark, H. W. Robins, G. McDonald, E. J. D. Macdonald (skip), Hutt Valley
Pairs F. F. Smith, E. G. Smith (skip), Canterbury
Singles G. McDonald (Hutt Valley)
1955 (Auckland)
Fours A. A. Smith, M. T. Dempsey, D. G. Sinclair, H. T. Keys (skip), Hutt Valley
Pairs Mrs E. Petersen, E. Pilgrim, Horowhenua
Singles J. Pirrett, jun. (Auckland)
1956 (Hamilton)
Fours H. Waswo, C. Claridge, E. Death, S. D. Dick (skip), Taranaki
Pairs G. Bain, A. H. Thomas (skip), Wellington
Singles J. Pirrett, jun. (Auckland)
1957 (Invercargill)
Fours G. Labrum, R. Haines, F. Haines, C. E. Minifie (skip), Waikato
Pairs Mrs S. Fridd, R. Fridd (skip), Canterbury
Singles A. H. Thomas (Wellington)
1958 (Hastings and Napier)
Fours H. R. Howard, E. E. Cooper, G. F. Bain, A. H. Thomas (skip), Wellington
Pairs Mrs N. Buckley, L. Dunn (skip), Canterbury
Singles R. J. A. Pinhey (Hutt Valley)
1959 (Rotorua)
Fours Mrs J. Cantwell, Mrs A. Scott, W. Preston, J. Cantwell (skip), Hawke's Bay
Pairs P. Webby, R. Loader (skip), Waikato
Singles W. Wells (Wellington)
1960 (Lower Hutt)
Fours K. Howan, D. J. Keast, E. Reader, J. Ewing (skip), Wellington
Pairs E. R. Trask, R. McK. Bethwaite (skip), Wellington
Singles J. W. Woods (Wellington)
1961 (Dunedin)
Fours Mrs L. Harvey, E. E. Boyd, M. Harvey, E. Blackmore (skip), Southland
Pairs M. Lunt, E. G. F. Smith (skip), Canterbury
Singles G. A. Keith (Mid-Canterbury)
1962 (Auckland)
Fours Mrs K. Smith, L. Taylor, P. Cearns, S. E. N. Smith (skip), Auckland
Pairs N. Hull, R. Loader (skip), Waikato
Singles T. Burr (Waikato)
1963 (Wanganui)
Fours Mrs P. King, W. Vette, J. King, C. King (skip), Waikato
Pairs C. J. Thomson, Mrs C. J. Thomson (skip), Waikato
Singles B. McClennan (Waikato)
1964 (Christchurch)
Fours Mrs N. Nee, W. Trembath, D. R. Fleming, P. Nee (skip), Canterbury
Pairs D. B. Cook, W. H. Cuttance (skip), Canterbury
Singles L. Bellis (Greymouth)