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Graphic: An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand 1966.


This information was published in 1966 in An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand, edited by A. H. McLintock. It has not been corrected and will not be updated.

Up-to-date information can be found elsewhere in Te Ara.




The game of indoor bowls began in New Zealand in the Auckland area as a social activity of many of the lodges in that city. As early as 1908 J. Jenkin of Auckland had seen indoor bowls played in London and was impressed by its possibilities. He introduced the game to the Hope of Auckland Rechabite Tent where, on 15 March 1912, the first official match, under modern conditions, was played. The game became popular among the Rechabites who in February 1915 formed the Independent Order of Rechabites Indoor Bowling Association. Its popularity spread to the Foresters (1917), the Druids (1918), the Oddfellows (1924), and the Orange Lodges (1927), and each of these formed indoor bowling associations to control the game within their respective orders. In 1927 the game was taken up by the various returned servicemen's clubs and, in the early 1930s, by many business houses and social clubs. About this time the first district associations were formed.


McLintock, Alexander Hare

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