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Graphic: An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand 1966.


This information was published in 1966 in An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand, edited by A. H. McLintock. It has not been corrected and will not be updated.

Up-to-date information can be found elsewhere in Te Ara.



Details of the trusts listed below may be found in A Directory of Philanthropic Trusts (1964), published jointly by the New Zealand Council for Educational Research and the J. R. McKenzie Trust Board

Anglican Boys' Society Trust (Lower Hutt). This was founded in 1952 to provide homes and facilities for the maintenance and education of boys. The trust runs the Sedgeley Boys' Home, Masterton.

Arawa Maori Trust (Rotorua). Established in 1922, when the Government agreed to pay an annuity of £6,000 to the Arawa tribe, the trust uses its funds for the education and general welfare of the tribe.

Edith Winstone Blackwell Trust (Auckland). This trust was established in 1950 and is available for charitable purposes.

Blair Benefactions (Dunedin). In 1913 John Blair established a fund to provide for specified educational and cultural purposes in Otago.

W. G. B. Brown Trust (Wellington). The trust was established in 1936 and is governed by an Act of Parliament. It provides financial assistance to non-Catholic charitable institutions situated within 10 miles of the Wellington General Post Office.

Sir John Logan Campbell Residuary Estate (Auckland). The annual income is used to assist charities, objects of public utility, relief of distress, or for educational purposes in Auckland Province.

Harold Chaffer Memorial Endowment (Dunedin). This trust was established in 1946 to further medical education and research at the University of Otago.

Arthur Thomas Clarke Trust (Wellington). Set up in 1929 by the will of the donor, the trust is for the general benefit of, and for educational and charitable purposes in, Paekakariki township.

Winston Churchill Memorial Trust (Wellington). Established in 1965 by Act of Parliament, the trust makes grants and awards fellowships to persons who will contribute to the advancement of any trade, business, or profession carried on in New Zealand for the general benefit, or to the advancement of the Commonwealth as a beneficial influence in world affairs.

William Louis Cox Memorial Scholarship Fund (Tauranga). The trust was established in 1950 to provide scholarships for pupils of the Whakatane District High School, who have trained as teachers, to receive advanced training in social science.

Norman Cunningham Trust (Auckland). Established in 1955 by the donor's will, the trust endows a fellowship for the advancement of research in animal welfare and veterinary science.

Dempsey Trust, Inc. (Dunedin). This trust, founded in 1892 assists hospital patients and former patients of the Otago Hospital Board's institutions and assists children in the care of various institutions.

Dolamore Trust (Gore). Incorporated in 1949, this trust exists for specific purposes within the borough of Gore.

P. A. Edmiston Trust Board, Inc. (Auckland). Set up in 1946, this trust provides for certain purposes within the Auckland City and Province. These must be completed by 1968.

Charles and Ella Elgar Trust (Wellington). This trust, which was established in 1945, provides assistance for disabled servicemen, discharged servicemen, and the children of servicemen who have died since the Second World War. Assistance may be given in specified ways. The trust is not perpetual.

Woolf Fisher Trust (Auckland). Established in 1960, the trust endows travelling fellowships for teachers from New Zealand State post-primary schools

William Francis Gordon Trust (New Plymouth). This trust, which was established in 1936, endows a small annual scholarship to the Nelson School of Music. The remainder of the income is applied to such charitable institutions and objects in New Plymouth as the mayor shall direct.

Gilbert Conway Hamilton Trust (Dannevirke). Set up in 1959, the trust provides assistance for poor and needy residents of Dannevirke.

Sir James Hay Charitable Trust (Christchurch), set up in 1959, aids all charities within the Canterbury area, concentrating on smaller organisations which do not normally receive such assistance.

Hellaby Grassland Research Trust (Auckland). The trust provides income for research into New Zealand's indigenous grasses.

Rose Hellaby Medical Scholarship Trust (Auckland). Established in 1959, the trust provides scholarships for research or overseas post-graduate training in the fields of rheumatic disease, physical medicine, and manipulative treatment.

E. L Herbert Memorial Trust (Eketahuna). This trust was established in 1946 to support boys of any religious denomination at a suitable institution run by the Church of England.

Lucy Duncan Hewitt Trust (Auckland). Established in 1957, the trust encourages organ-music within the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand.

Thomas Hobson Trust (Geraldine). This trust, which was established in 1907, is for public and charitable purposes to benefit residents of Geraldine.

Homewood Trust (Te Puke). Created in 1942, the trust benefits ex-servicemen of the Second World War and their dependants. It awards the George Alley Scholarship to assist in the higher education of the sons of returned servicemen or servicewomen.

Arthur Hopwood Charitable Trust Board (Palmerston North). This trust distributes money annually to charitable organisations in the Palmerston North and Blenheim districts. It was established in 1949.

Horowhenua Earthworks Trust (Levin). Constituted in its present form in 1959, the trust makes grants to religious enterprises of an evangelical and fundamental character.

Sir John Ilott Trust (Wellington). This trust was created in 1960 for charitable, religious, educational, and other purposes.

Charles Hayward Izard Trust (Wellington). Established in 1925 for charitable or educational purposes within New Zealand, as the Wellington City Council directs.

Andrew Jack Trust (Dunedin). This trust, established in 1942, provides income and capital to the Dunedin Branch of the New Zealand Returned Servicemen's Association for the benefit of returned servicemen or their dependants of any war in which New Zealand is involved.

Kelliher Art Competition Trust (Auckland). Established in 1961, this trust endows the Kelliher art prizes. The trust is perpetual.

Thomas George Macarthy Trust (Wellington). Administered by the Public Trustee, this trust makes grants for charitable and educational purposes in Wellington City and province.

Robert McClelland Trust (Christchurch). This trust, established in 1955, is for medical research with special emphasis on the cure for cancer.

Mackelvie Trust (Auckland). This fund, which was created in 1885, finances the Mackelvie Art Collection in Auckland.

Sir J. R. H. McKenzie Trust (Wellington). Estabblished in 1940, the trust can provide financial assistance for any charitable or educational purposes within New Zealand.

Sir J. R. H. McKenzie Youth Education Trust. This was set up in 1938 and is not a part of the above. It assists the advancement, education, and physical development of under-privileged boys and girls.

Reginald Mitta MacKinnon Trust (Invercargill). Created in 1924, this trust benefits St. John's Anglican Church, Invercargill, the Anglican churches in Southland, the poor and needy of Southland, and the promotion of agricultural interests.

Robert McLaren Patearoa Memorial (Dunedin). The trust's funds are for the benefit of children of soldiers who lived in Otago when they joined the armed forces, and who were later killed or disabled. The trust will cease 21 years from 17 November 1951.

Godfrey William Magnus Trust (Wellington). Created in 1952, the fund benefits Heritage and the Wellington Branch of the New Zealand Crippled Children Society.

Hyman Marks Trust (Christchurch). This trust, which was established in 1895, is for charitable purposes.

Masterton Trust Lands Trust (Masterton). Founded in 1871, the trust endows a number of scholarships and bursaries for students from or connected with the district. Further funds may be used for educational purposes.

John Meehan Trust (Timaru). This trust, which was created in 1935, provides funds for charitable purposes in Canterbury.

Barrington Miller Educational Trust (Gisborne). In 1943 this trust was established to help boys from Gisborne and its neighbouring counties to obtain higher education at university or in trade or commerce.

Thomas Richard Moore Trust (Palmerston North). Founded in 1955, the income from this trust is distributed by the T. G Macarthy Trust Board for educational or charitable purposes in the cities of Palmerston North and Napier.

Laurence William Nelson Trust (Whangarei). This trust was established in 1958 for charitable purposes in the Northland district. Special attention is given to those who are aged, destitute, or suffering from serious mental or physical disability.

New Zealand Aeronautical Trusts Ltd. (Auckland). This trust, which was incorporated as a trustee company in 1956, administers funds transferred to it from the New Zealand Division of the Royal Aeronautical Society, the Walsh Memorial Organisation, and other aviation interests. It promotes aviation research more particularly on the technical side.

Ngaitahu Maori Trust (Kaiapoi). The funds for this trust derive from moneys paid by the Government in settlement of the purchase of the original Ngaitahu land block. It is for the general benefit of descendants of the original Ngaitahu people.

Norwood Crippled Children's Trust (Wellington). Sir Charles Norwood created this trust to benefit children who are suffering from cerebral palsy.

Nuffield Trust (Wellington). Founded in 1935 by Viscount Nuffield, this trust is devoted to the care of crippled children in New Zealand.

Otaki and Porirua Trusts (Wellington). Established about 1853 by the Church Missionary Society from lands deeded to them by the Maoris, the trust endows a number of post-primary scholarships for Maori children, priority being given to children from the Ngatiraukawa, Ngatiawa, and Ngatitoa tribes.

Papawai and Kaikokirikiri Trusts (Wellington). Of similar origin and purpose to the Otaki and Porirua trusts, these trusts benefit Maori children, particularly of the Ngati Kahungunu residing in the Wairarapa district and on the east coast of the North Island.

Returned Services' Association Trusts (Wellington). These funds have been provided in various ways, but mainly by the gifts of individual donors. They are, in general, for the benefit of servicemen, servicewomen, and their dependants; but their special purposes vary considerably.

Sir Charles P. Skerrett Estate Education Charities Fund (Wellington). Established in 1929, the annual income of this trust is distributed to New Zealand educational charities, with the proviso that two-thirds be devoted to those connected with the Roman Catholic Church.

Sutherland Self Help Trust (Wellington). Set up in 1941, the trust aids educational, religious, and charitable purposes, especially ex-servicemen and children.

Doris Elizabeth Geraldine Swadling Trust (Hawera). This trust, which was established in 1960 and is for residents of the Taranaki Province, endows scholarships in farming and music, and also provides for the extension of the Christian religion through the Methodist Church.

Tainui Maori Trust (Taumarunui). The fund derives from an annual Government payment in compensation for tribal lands confiscated in 1864–65. It is used for the benefit of such of the Tainui tribe who owned the lands confiscated. Philanthropic and educational activities are supported.

Taranaki Maori Educational Trust (Hawera). Established in 1961 by the Taranaki Maori Trust Board, this promotes vocational and higher education of members of the Ngarauru, Ngatiruanui, Ngaruahine, Taranaki, Te Atiawa, Ngatimutunga, Ngatitama, or Ngatimaru tribes.

Taranaki Maori Trust (Hawera). This trust derives from an annual grant by the Government in compensation for tribal lands confiscated during the Maori Wars. Grants are made annually for the purpose of improving the health and education of the Taranaki Maori people of the tribes mentioned as beneficiaries of the Taranaki Maori Educational Trust.

Tuhoe Maori Trust (Rotorua). The purposes of this trust, when its funds become available for distribution, are philanthropic and educational.

Turangawaewae Trust Board (Ngaruawahia). In 1921 Te Rata Te Wherowhero established this trust to encourage the study and development of Maori culture and arts, particularly singing, poi dancing, weaving, and carving.


McLintock, Alexander Hare