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Graphic: An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand 1966.


This information was published in 1966 in An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand, edited by A. H. McLintock. It has not been corrected and will not be updated.

Up-to-date information can be found elsewhere in Te Ara.



Constitution of the Board

The board is comprised of eight members – the presidents of the New Zealand Racing Conference and the New Zealand Trotting Conference and three members elected from each of these conferences. The chairmanship of the board alternates annually between the two presidents. The Government has no representation on the board.

In general the main function of the board is to provide for the receipt of off-course investments at totalisator agencies established throughout New Zealand, the transmission of particulars of the investments to the racecourses for registration on the totalisator, and the subsequent payment of dividends on winning investments.

The board is also required to determine the distribution of profits annually from its operations among the various racing and trotting clubs.

The administration centre is situated in Wellington. Provision is also made for:

  1. Head Office Collating Centre at Wellington. This centre collates all the figures received from district collating centres and transmits the results to the various racecourses at which meetings are held.

  2. Branch offices (or district collating centres) coordinate the figures received from agencies under their control and transmit the results to the Head Office Collating Centre.

  3. Agencies collate the figures of the investments received and forward these to district collating centres.

Investments are received and dividends paid at branch offices and at agencies. The new head office is at Lambton Quay, Wellington.