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Graphic: An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand 1966.


This information was published in 1966 in An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand, edited by A. H. McLintock. It has not been corrected and will not be updated.

Up-to-date information can be found elsewhere in Te Ara.



Dominion Tournaments

In 1925 the New Zealand Cup was donated anonymously and this became the premier New Zealand basketball trophy. Four years later the president of the Canterbury Association donated the Annie Brown Cup for the runners-up in the Dominion Tournament. In 1932, when there were 15 associations affiliated, the Dominion Tournament was split into two grades. On this occasion, Mrs R. S. McInnes, the former President, donated the President's Cup for the winners of the second grade Tournament while the Hayhurst Cup was presented for the runners-up. In 1936, because of the increasing numbers of teams competing, a third grade competition was instituted, with the Kiwi Trophy for winners, and the Armstrong Shield for the runners-up. During the war many sub-associations went into recess and no Dominion Tournaments were held until 1945. By 1958 the third grade competition had grown unwieldy and it was decided to institute a fourth grade. The winners' trophy, the Allen Challenge Shield, was presented by the Rotorua Association, and the runners-up trophy, the Hastings Cup, was presented by the President of the Hawke's Bay Association. The following are the winners of the Dominion Tournament trophies since their inception:

First Grade
New Zealand Cup (Winner) Annie Brown Cup (Runner-up)
1926–29 Auckland ..
1930 Auckland Wellington
1931 Auckland (by challenge) Wellington
1932 Otago Wellington
1933 Auckland Wellington
1934 Wellington Canterbury
1935 Wellington Otago
1936 Southland Auckland
1937 Wellington Auckland
1938 Wellington and Canterbury Southland
1939 Wellington and Auckland Southland
1940 Auckland Wellington
1941 Hawke's Bay Auckland
1942–44 No tournament
1945 Canterbury Otago
1946 Auckland and Manawatu Canterbury
1947 Canterbury Auckland
1948 Canterbury Auckland
1949 Auckland Canterbury
1950 Canterbury Auckland and Tauranga
1951 Canterbury Auckland
1952 Canterbury Auckland
1953 Auckland Canterbury
1954 Canterbury Hawke's Bay and Auckland
1955 Canterbury Auckland
1956 Canterbury Hawke's Bay
1957 Auckland Southland
1958 Southland Canterbury
1959 Southland Canterbury
1960 Canterbury Auckland
1961 Canterbury and Otago Auckland and Wellington
1962 Canterbury and Rotorua Matamata
1963 Canterbury Southland
1964 Rotorua Southland
Second Grade
Precident's Shield (Winner) Hayhurst Cup (Runner-up)
1932 Ashburton ..
1933 Waikato, Poverty Bay, and South Canterbury Wairarapa
1934 Poverty Bay Marlborough
1935 South Canterbury and Southland Minor Ashburton
1936 South Canterbury Taranaki
1937 Southland Minor Ashburton and Hutt Valley
1938 South Canterbury Southland Minor
1939 South Canterbury Waikato
1940 Wanganui Southland Minor
1941 Manawatu and Taranaki Waikato and Poverty Bay
1942–44 No tournament
1945 Manawatu Rotorua
1946 Matamata Hutt Valley and Horowhenua
1947 Tauranga Waikato
1948 Tauranga Taranaki
1949 Tauranga Waikato
1950 S. Canterbury and Taranaki Matamata
1951 Hutt Valley S. Canterbury and Taranaki
1952 Rotorua Hutt Valley
1953 Taranaki and Hutt Valley Ashburton, South Canterbury and Matamata
1954 Rotorua Hutt Valley and Taranaki
1955 Southland Minor South Canterbury
1956 Hutt Valley South Canterbury
1957 Wanganui and Taranaki Manawatu and Tauranga
1958 Matamata Tauranga
1959 Manawatu Wellington
1960 Wellington Hutt Valley
1961 Matamata Tauranga
1962 Manawatu Northland
1963 Northland Auckland Minor and Waikato
1964 Wanganui Hutt Valley
Third Grade
Kiwi Trophy (Winner) Armstrong Shield (Runner-up)
1937 Wairoa West Coast
1938 Bush West Coast and Wanganui
1939 Wanganui West Coast
1940 Marlborough Wairoa
1941 Matamata Rotorua and Bay of Plenty
1942–44 No tournament ..
1945 Wairoa and Horowhenua Tauranga
1946 Tauranga Nelson
1947 Nelson Marlborough
1948 Marlborough and West Coast Wairarapa
1949 Marlborough Canterbury Minor
1950 Thames Valley Temuka
1951 No tournament ..
1952 Canterbury Minor Northland
1953 Canterbury Minor Northland and Hokitika
1954 Wellington Minor Northland
1955 Northland and Canterbury Sub-associations Temuka and South Auckland
1956 Eastern Bay of Plenty Te Kawau
1957 Te Kawau Ashburton
1958 Ashburton, Canterbury Sub-associations, South Auckland, Thames Valley Poverty Bay
1959 Wairarapa Thames Valley
1960 Ashburton Canterbury Sub-associations
1961 Ashburton Temuka
1962 Auckland Minor and Canterbury Sub-assoc. Putaruru
1963 West Coast Putaruru equal Thames Valley
1964 Thames Valley Eastern Bay of Plenty
Fourth Grade
Allen Challenge Shield (Winner) Hastings Cup (Runner-up)
1958 Taranaki Minor Auckland Minor and North Otago
1959 North Otago and Temuka Poverty Bay East Coast and Otago Minor
1960 North Otago Auckland Minor and Central King Country
1961 Auckland Minor Hutt Valley Minor and Otago Minor
1962 Central King Country Hutt Valley Minor
1963 North Otago Otago Minor
1964 Hutt Valley Minor Marlborough