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Graphic: An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand 1966.


This information was published in 1966 in An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand, edited by A. H. McLintock. It has not been corrected and will not be updated.

Up-to-date information can be found elsewhere in Te Ara.



Awards to New Zealand Servicemen

Corporal Leslie Wilton Andrew; 2nd Wellington Regt., 1st NZEF; 31 July 1917; Basseville, France; 6 September 1917. He later joined the N.Z. Staff Corps, rising to the rank of brigadier, and was awarded the D.S.O. during the Second World War.

Corporal Cyril Royston Guyton Bassett; N.Z. Divisional Signal Coy., 1st NZEF; 7 August 1915; Chunuk Bair Ridge, Gallipoli; 15 October 1915. This was the first New Zealand award during the First World War.

Sergeant Donald Forrester Brown; 2nd Battalion, N.Z. Infantry, 1st NZEF; 15 September 1916; south-east of High Wood, France; 14 June 1917. (Posthumous award.)

Private James Crichton; 2nd Battalion, Auckland Regt., 1st NZEF; 30 September 1918; Crevecoeur, France; 15 November 1918. Died at Auckland on 22 September 1961, aged 82 years.

Sergeant Keith Elliott; 22nd Battalion, 2nd NZEF; 15 July 1942, Ruweisat, Western Desert; 24 September 1942. Became a clerk in holy orders after the war.

Sergeant Samuel Forsyth; N.Z. Engineers attached 2nd Auckland Battalion, 1st NZEF; 24 August 1918; Grevillers, France; 22 October 1918. (Posthumous award.)

Lance-Corporal Samuel Frickleton; 3rd Battalion, N.Z. Rifle Brigade, 1st NZEF; 7 July 1917; Messines, Belgium; 2 August 1918.

Sergeant John Gilroy Grant; 1st Battalion, Wellington Regt., 1st NZEF; 1 September 1918; near Bancourt, France; 27 November 1918.

Farrier-Major William James Hardham; 4th Contingent, N.Z. Mounted Rifles; 28 January 1901; near Naauwpoort, South Africa; 4 October 1901. Later a major, he died on 13 April 1928.

Captain Charles Heaphy; Auckland Militia; 11 February 1864; Mangapiko River, New Zealand; 8 February 1867. Later a major, he died at Brisbane, Australia, on 3 August 1881, aged 59 years.

Sergeant John Daniel Hinton; 20th Battalion, 2nd NZEF; 28–29 April 1941; Kalamai, Greece; 17 October 1941.

Sergeant Alfred Clive Hulme; 23rd Battalion, 2nd NZEF; 20–28 May 1941; Maleme, Galatos, Suda Bay, and Stylos. Crete; 14 October 1941.

Sergeant Reginald Stanley Judson, D.C.M., M.M.; 1st Battalion, Auckland Regt., 1st NZEF; 26 August 1918; south of Bapaume, France; 30 October 1918.

Sergeant Harry John Laurent; 2nd Battalion, N.Z. Rifle Brigade, 1st NZEF; 12 September 1918; east of Gouzeaucourt Wood, France; 15 November 1918.

Second-Lieutenant Moananui-a-Kiwa Ngarimu; 28th (Maori) Battalion, 2nd NZEF; 26 March 1943; Tebaga Gap, Tunisia; 4 June 1943. (Posthumous award.)

Private Henry James Nicholas; 1st Battalion, Canterbury Regt., 1st NZEF; 3 December 1917; Polderhoek, Belgium; 11 January 1918.

Sergeant Richard Charles Travis, D.C.M., M.M.; 2nd Battalion Otago Regt., 1st NZEF; 24 July 1918; north of Hebuterne France; 27 September 1918. (Posthumous award.) His correct name was Dickson Cornelius Savage, but he enlisted and served under the family name of Travis.

Squadron Leader Leonard Henry Trent, D.F.C.; RNZAF (No. 487 (N.Z.) Sqn. RAF); 3 May 1943; over Amsterdam, Holland; 1 March 1946.

Flying Officer Lloyd Allan Trigg, D.F.C.; RNZAF (No. 200 Sqn. RAF); 11 August 1943; anti-submarine patrol, Atlantic Ocean; 2 November 1943. (Posthumous award.)

Second-Lieutenant Charles Hazlitt Upham; 20th Battalion, 2nd NZEF. V.C. –22–30 May 1941; Maleme, Galatos, and Sphakia, Crete; 14 October 1941. Bar – As a captain; 14 July 1942; Ruweisat Ridge, Western Desert; 26 September 1945.

Sergeant-Pilot James Allen Ward; RNZAF (No. 75 (N.Z.) Sqn. RAF); 7 July 1941; over the Zuider Zee, Holland; 5 August 1941. This was the first New Zealand award during the Second World War. He was killed on operations over Germany on 15 September 1941.