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Graphic: An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand 1966.


This information was published in 1966 in An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand, edited by A. H. McLintock. It has not been corrected and will not be updated.

Up-to-date information can be found elsewhere in Te Ara.



New Zealand Boxers Who Have Won International Amateur Championships

(a) Olympic Games
1928 E. J. Morgan (Wellington), welterweight
(b) British Empire Games
1950 F. Creagh (Wellington), heavyweight
1962 W. Coe (Wellington), welterweight
(c) Australasian Championships
1903 H. Taylor (Greymouth), heavyweight
J. M. Griffin (Greymouth), middleweight
1904 J. M. Griffin (Greymouth), heavyweight
J. M. Griffin (Greymouth), middleweight
1905 G. Williams (Manawatu), lightweight
1906 J. McConnell (Southland), heavyweight
1907 A. Nash (Canterbury), welterweight
R. Mayze (Canterbury), lightweight
W. Elliott (Timaru), featherweight
1908 W. Elliott (Timaru), featherweight
1909 J. Hagerty (Timaru), featherweight
1910 A. Pooley (Auckland), heavyweight
G. Matthewson (Otago), middleweight
G. Watchorn (Manawatu), welterweight
1911 J. Hagerty (Timaru), lightweight
1913 G. Matthewson (Otago), heavyweight
H. Withey (Otago), middleweight
S. Mitchell (Auckland), welterweight
W. Shutt (Timaru), lightweight
N. Bennetts (Auckland), featherweight
1920 B. McCleary (Ashburton), heavyweight
1921 B. McCleary (Ashburton), heavyweight
K. A. Meale (Auckland), middleweight
H. May (Auckland), lightweight
C. Purdy (Auckland), bantamweight
1922 K. A. Meale (Auckland), middleweight
F. Hansen (Auckland), welterweight
C. Purdy (Auckland), featherweight
1923 L. McDonald (Otago), welterweight
C. Purdy (Auckland), featherweight
1933 W. Purdie (Auckland), welterweight
W. Hawes (Canterbury), featherweight
1934 W. Pasco (Southland), heavyweight
G. Muir (Southland), light-heavyweight
W. Howson (Greymouth), middleweight
W. Hogg (Auckland), lightweight
C. Gordon (Taranaki), featherweight
J. Cadwallader (Wairarapa), bantamweight
1960 W. Coe (Wellington), welterweight
P. Fitzsimmons (Canterbury), lightweight
1961 W. Kini (Auckland), heavyweight
J. Syron (Westport), light-heavyweight
W. Coe (Wellington), welterweight
P. McNally (Wellington), lightweight
P. Lister (Gisborne), featherweight
R. Orbell (Hawke's Bay), flyweight
1963 J. Logan (Greymouth), heavyweight
C. Kenny (Wellington), light-middleweight
Paul Lister (Gisborne), light-welterweight
Peter Lister (Gisborne), lightweight
L. Hunter (Otago), bantamweight
W. Young (Auckland), flyweight
d) Tail Teann Games (Eire)
1924 C. Purdy (Auckland), lightweight