Climate and wildlife


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Impact on native plants

Possums are voracious eaters – in New Zealand they consume an estimated 21,000 tonnes of vegetation a night. Most noticeably, they destroy spectacular flowering trees such as

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The harvesting of sooty shearwaters, muttonbirds or tītī is divided into two stages: nanao, when chicks are extracted from their burrows; and rama, when they are caught above

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Long-distance and marathon swimming

Open water distance swimming differs from other swimming competitions. It is a trial of endurance where swimmers pit themselves against a force of nature – a river, lake or

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Māori shipwreck stories

Shipwrecks have long been a part of human experience in New Zealand. The country has a long and often rocky coastline, and windy, changeable weather, which make

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Maramataka – the lunar calendar

According to the maramataka, or Māori lunar calendar, the winter month of Hereturi-kōkā is so cold that ‘the scorching effect of fire is seen on the knees of man.’ But as the moon continues to wax and wane, the earth

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Modern buildings

Implement sheds Modern implement sheds house tractors, motorbikes, trucks and other machinery. They are long buildings, usually closed in on three sides, consisting of a series of bays.

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What are meteorites?

Meteorites are pieces of space debris which, having survived a fiery journey through the atmosphere, land on the earth’s surface. They provide much of our knowledge of the origin and evolution of the solar system.

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The New Zealand scene


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Raoul Island

The island was named after Joseph Raoul, quartermaster of the Recherche, when it was sighted on 16 March 1793. It was later seen on 6 March 1796 by Captain W. Raven of the whaler Britannia.

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Schedules and routines of life

Contemporary routines

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Early celebrations and Queen Victoria’s jubilees

What are anniversaries?

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