Hinduism is the largest religion in New Zealand other than Christianity, with almost 90,000 followers in 2013.

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1905–6 tour

Any lingering doubts about the place of rugby union in New Zealand were swept aside by the clamour that surrounded the All Blacks, who in late 1905 became the first national New Zealand rugby team to venture to the n

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Early publishing for Pākehā and Māori

Books for settlers

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Scottish culture

Highland traditions Most Scots who came to New Zealand were Lowlanders, but they took the emblems and activities that proclaimed their identity from the Highlands. They adopted popular Highland

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Domestic violence – 21st century

In the 21st century domestic violence remains a major problem in New Zealand.

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Timaru and its port

As South Canterbury’s only city and port, Timaru dominates the region.

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First Catholic missionaries

In January 1838 three French missionaries sailed into the Hokianga Harbour and began the institutional history of Catholicism in New Zealand.

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Ice skating

As a recreation, ice skating has been popular in New Zealand since the 19th century. Competitive ice skating events have their origins in the 1930s.

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Sesquicentennial, 1990

A new mood

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Socialism without doctrines

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Quarantine centres and prisons

Islands near New Zealand’s main ports were useful for keeping people in isolation.

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19th-century landscape painting

Topographical painting

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