Digital technology

New technologies

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The genealogy of the land

By the time Ngāi Tahu had arrived, the South Island’s natural phenomena had been classified and consecrated as ancestors by the Waitaha people. Through this sacred practice

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Genealogical dating

The method of genealogical dating involves counting back through the generations of Māori to the arrival of their ancestors in tribal canoes.

Part of story: When was New Zealand first settled?

Pacific migrations

The world’s first seafarers set off from South-East Asia, sailing into the Pacific on simple rafts.

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Te Arawa

Many of those who first arrived on the Te Arawa canoe became great explorers, founding tribal groups across the North Island’s dramatic geothermal zone.

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Antarctica and New Zealand

The ‘frozen continent’ of Antarctica has long fascinated New Zealanders.

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Memorials and monuments

Important events and people have often been honoured and remembered in monuments and memorials.

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British sovereignty and settlement

British intervention

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Coastal shoreline

Along New Zealand’s coast, with its exposed cliffs, windswept dunes and tidal rock pools, a highly specialised group of plants and animals have made their home.

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Charting the sea floor

Where the land meets the sea, it doesn’t end there. In the deep, dark world beneath the oceans, there are mountains, valleys, plateaus and volcanoes.

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Social and family life

Increasing visibility

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Early Māori sexuality

Māori sexuality on European arrival

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