Wellington region

Wellington city, the nation’s capital, is tightly wedged between the sea’s edge and the hills. Locals enjoy its compact layout, quirky charm and panoramic views.

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The most popular website used by New Zealanders in 2013 was the Google search engine. Searching for information was the second most popular use of the web after social networking.

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Irish Protestant tradition

In the 19th century some two-fifths of New Zealand’s Irish were Protestants, but it is not easy to trace their impact. Some of the earliest were members of the Anglican élite who

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Swiss settlement

First immigrants

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Early manufacturing

Items made by Māori

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New Plymouth

New Plymouth

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Building and construction industry

As New Zealand’s towns grew, they needed builders to construct houses, shops and public buildings. While many building firms remained small and family-owned, some grew into large companies with varied interests.

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Karamea 2013 population: 375

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Reefton 2013 population: 1,026

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Poverty Bay flats


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