Holiday activities

Relaxation, having fun and taking a break from the routines of everyday life are important aspects of holidays for most people.

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Pacific navigation and exploration

Early theories The first explorers had no maps or navigational instruments, and there has been spirited debate among sailors and scholars as to how they settled the region. Early

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New Zealand is a relatively small area of land with a temperate climate, lying in the roaring forties wind system. The ocean, prevailing winds and mountains greatly influence the climate.

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Reasons for mechanisation

Farmers have long used many kinds of machines to help grow and harvest produce from plants and animals, because they make the work easier or more efficient. In New Zealand there

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Conifer–broadleaf forests

With their rich jumble of tangled vines, perching plants and ferns, New Zealand’s conifer–broadleaf forests resemble tropical rainforest.

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An interconnected world

In traditional Māori knowledge, as in many cultures, everything in the world is believed to be related. People, birds, fish, trees, weather patterns – they are all members of a cosmic family.

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Clay is found most frequently in flat rolling land where there has been prolonged weathering but little erosion. Forming a sticky, poor-draining soil that is the bane of many

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Air crashes

Air crashes have wide-ranging and often tragic consequences. They occur usually because of a chain of connected causes. In New Zealand many small aircraft crash.

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River monitoring and flood warnings

Regional and District councils have the primary responsibility for managing flood hazards. They monitor rainfall, river flows and lake levels, and maintain flood protection works.

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Promoting safety

Every year in New Zealand there are dozens of aviation accidents resulting in injuries to people or damage to aircraft, and hundreds of incidents affecting safety,

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Traffic on the roads

Difficult roads

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Types of accidents

Railway accidents occur for a range, and sometimes a combination, of reasons.

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