Climbing faces

The last hard ridges

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There have been many netball stars over the years. Some remain particularly well known because of their contribution to the sport as players, coaches and administrators.

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In 2013 New Zealand was home to more than 19,000 Sikhs, a religious and ethnic community based in the Indian state of Punjab.

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Lesbian political struggles

Gay liberation

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European groups

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Inglewood Town and rural service centre 18 km south-east of New Plymouth, with a 2013 population of 3,243.

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Military conflicts

The two decades after the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi were marked more by cooperation than conflict between Māori and non-Māori.

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Southern Hawke’s Bay


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Eastbourne Across the harbour from downtown Wellington is a line of seaside settlements backed by beech forest – a peaceful contrast to the city’s bustle.

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Society and culture

Scottish Presbyterians

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