Technology and venues, the 2000s

Technological developments

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Caves and life forms

How caves form Caves are formed by natural processes such as the action of rainwater, waves, glaciers or lava (molten rock).

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Maruiwi Around the time of Toi, who was one of the first explorers to reach New Zealand from Hawaiki, the Maruiwi people inhabited lands throughout the central North Island. Their

Part of story: Ngāti Tūwharetoa

Tapa whenua – naming places

The Polynesian ancestors of Māori named the places they visited on their voyage to New Zealand. Some names were taken from island to island.

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Kai Pākehā – introduced foods

Māori quickly adopted food sources introduced by Europeans, growing potatoes, gifting pigs to other tribes, and developing large wheat plantations and mills.

Part of story: Kai Pākehā – introduced foods