The early years, 1895 to 1970s

From the 1890s to the 1940s New Zealand’s screen industry was primarily concerned with distribution and exhibition.

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Screen industry growth, 1970s to 1990s

From the later 1970s New Zealand’s screen industry began to expand. An increasing number of feature films, television series and documentaries were produced and an independent production sector developed.

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New Zealand’s screen industry in the 2010s

What is the screen industry? The screen industry produces, distributes and exhibits feature films, documentaries, television programmes and commercials.

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Sport and creative culture

A nation is often considered to represent its identity through its creative arts.

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Stage Challenge

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Pacific music and performing arts

The most visible contribution of Pacific artists to the New Zealand arts scene has been in performing arts such as music, dance, theatre, film and television.

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Kiwis overseas

Travelling is a part of life for many New Zealanders. The earliest Polynesians sailed to New Zealand from Hawaiki, and prospectors and settlers arrived from all over the world in the 19th-century.

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Kiwis living overseas

Other countries

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Arts funding and support

Creative arts cannot survive and thrive without determined support. In New Zealand this comes from both the government and from generous private patrons.

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Other archives and digital records

Grey, Hocken and Turnbull

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Theatre companies since the 1970s

Theatre Corporate, Watershed and Q Theatre

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Asian and other cultural dance

Non-European cultural dance forms were not widely known in New Zealand until the late 20th century.

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