Military medals

New Zealand soldier Charles Upham is one of only three people to be awarded the Victoria Cross twice, for his courageous actions during the Second World War.

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Parades and protest marches

Since colonial times New Zealanders have taken to the streets to celebrate success or promote causes.

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Television advertising

Television arrives

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Shopping hours

Early legislation

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The fair society

Freedom, equality and security

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First World War

In the Great War, as the First World War was known at the time, 5% of New Zealand’s military-age men died.

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Western Front, 1918

At the beginning of 1918 New Zealanders feared that their sacrifice might be in vain, as Germany appeared to be winning the war.

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Staying in Britain

Intimate strangers

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Economic reform from 1984

The 1984 Labour government introduced an extensive programme of economic reforms.

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Voluntary welfare organisations – overview

In New Zealand, people in need receive help from a number of sources, including family assistance, informal community aid, and through the more formal mechanisms of the state and voluntary organisations.

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War and sport

New Zealand wars

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