Ideas about Māori origins

Are Māori descendants of the Greeks and Egyptians? Were they one of the Lost Tribes of Israel – or was India their homeland? And did they arrive in one great fleet of canoes?

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Origins of Māori theatre

Te whare tapere Kia kawea tātou e te rēhia

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Origins of Māori rugby union

Māori have had a long involvement in the sport of rugby. The first recorded Māori player, Wirihana, was probably Wirihana Puna, a lieutenant under Te Keepa Te Rangihiwinui (Major Kemp) during the New Zealand wars.

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From the 1960s it became increasingly common in New Zealand for artists to create work that challenged the conventional formats of painting and sculpture.

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Ngāti Awa trace their ancestry back to the people they believed were living in New Zealand before Māori arrived, and to those who arrived from Hawaiki on board the Mataatua canoe.

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Tribal lands

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Characteristics A country town is a place in which the economic and social life of the community depends largely on the needs of the surrounding farms.

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Colonial origins

Māori and British traditions

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Pacific origins

Traditional importance The significance of waka (canoes) for Māori has its roots in times past, when voyaging waka forged the links between

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Tribal origins

The tribe

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Origins of waiata

Mythological precedents

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Origins and arrival

Many people in Aotearoa New Zealand have been inspired by the music, dance, visual art and expressive language of international hip hop culture, and have used it to tell stories of their own experiences, struggles an

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