Te whānau tamariki – pregnancy and birth

Māori women traditionally gave birth in specially built shelters.

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Ngāti Tūwharetoa

Among the heroes and heroines of Ngāti Tūwharetoa legend are the beautiful mountains and lakes of the central North Island. New Zealand’s biggest lake, Taupō, lies at the heart of the tribe's homeland.

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Te Āti Awa of Taranaki

According to legend, the people of Te Āti Awa have both mortal and immortal origins.

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Muriwhenua tribes

Muriwhenua means ‘this is the end of the land’. The Muriwhenua tribal territory forms the tail of Māui’s fabled fish, including the northernmost tip of New Zealand – Cape Rēinga.

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Legendary origins of carving

Rukuhia te ata o te whakairo Rukuhia te ata o te wānanga Rukuhia te ata o te wharekura. Whano, whano, hari mai te toki,

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Māori and sharks

Revered fish Polynesians, the ancestors of Māori, thought of sharks as guardian spirits. Many Hawaiian families had an aumakua, or shark protector.

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Cultural nationalism, 1890 to 1910

From 1890 prosperity and a reforming government encouraged a proud New Zealand nationalism that found expression in sport and overseas military achievement, and also in culture.

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Australasians After the advent of the Liberal government, another public event that helped New Zealanders define themselves was the opportunity of federation with Australia. Many of New

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Early traditions

Myths and legends The districts of Te Tau Ihu (the top of the South Island) are rich in traditions. Sometimes these are local variants of generic Māori stories. For example, accounts of

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Attitudes to expatriation

New Zealand ‘legends’

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Ngāti Rongomaiwahine

Rongomaiwahine was a woman of very great status, and her descendants are Ngāti Rongomaiwahine.

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