Bar-tailed godwits

Non-stop flyers

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International arrivals

Temperate feeding grounds

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Proposing sites Identifying where coastal lights were needed most was not easy in a rapidly developing colony. Economic growth altered

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Observing and conserving seabirds

Threatened species At least 20 of the seabird species which breed in New Zealand are threatened or endangered. There are two main threats:

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Holocene – the last 10,000 years

The Holocene period, covering the last 10,000 years, is characterised by a warm and relatively stable climate.

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Black swans

Swans – as well as ducks and geese – are members of the Anatidae family, in the order Anseriformes.

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Internationally recognised areas

World heritage sites World heritage sites are designated by UNESCO under the World Heritage Convention, which provides for the protection of places that are of outstanding universal value. New

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