The 1940s

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The America’s Cup

Part of biography: Blake, Peter James

Simpson, Helen Macdonald

Born on 21 November 1890 in Wellington, Helen Macdonald Richmond was the daughter of Maurice Wilson Richmond, a solicitor, and his wife, Flora Hursthouse Macdonald, cousins and...

Part of biography: Simpson, Helen Macdonald

Beattie, James Herries

James Herries Beattie (known as Herries) was the son of Scots immigrants James Beattie and Mary Roden (Rodden) Thomson, who arrived in Otago in 1862 and were married in 1874....

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Drummond, James Mackay

James Mackay Drummond was born in Thames, New Zealand, on 17 October 1869, the son of John Drummond, a surveyor, and his wife, Annie Mackay. He received his secondary education...

Part of biography: Drummond, James Mackay

Friberg, Bror Erik

Bror Erik (Eric) Friberg was born at Kristianstad, Sweden, on 6 July 1839, the son of Else Lundgren and Nils Erik Friberg, a farmer. Following his early education he attended a...

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Rye, Maria Susan

Maria Susan Rye is said to have been born in London, England, on 31 March 1829, the eldest in a family of nine children. She was named after her mother, Maria Tuppen, a woman of...

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Macdonald, George Ranald

George Ranald Macdonald, the son of Gertrude Gould and her husband, Ranald Macintosh Macdonald, was born at St Albans, Christchurch, on 4 October 1891. His maternal grandfather,...

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Crawford, Jessie

Jessie McAulay was born in Glasgow, Scotland, probably on 4 June 1828. Her parents were Elizabeth Renfrew and her husband, William McAulay, a mariner. Nothing is known about her...

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Petersen, George Conrad

George Conrad Petersen was born in Mauriceville West, near Eketahuna, on 19 June 1900, to Danish parents Jens Peter Petersen and his wife, Anna Katrine Nielsen. They developed a...

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Cowan, James

In the first 40 years of the twentieth century James Cowan was one of New Zealand's most widely read non-fiction writers. He wrote over 30 books and hundreds of articles for...

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Sinclair, Keith

In the second half of the twentieth century, Keith Sinclair transformed how New Zealanders understood themselves and their history. A prominent poet and New Zealand’s most...

Part of biography: Sinclair, Keith

Clayden, Arthur

Arthur Clayden was born on 9 August 1829 at Wallingford, Berkshire, England. He was the second of four children of Eliza Mary Greene and her husband, Peter Clayden, an ironmonger...

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McLintock, Alexander Hare

Alexander Hare McLintock was born in Gore on 14 April 1903, the son of Robert Alexander Hare McLintock, a Glasgow-born engineer, and his wife, Christina Jane Cameron McDonald....

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Buller, Walter Lawry

Walter Lawry Buller was born at the Wesleyan mission, Newark, at Pakanae, Hokianga, New Zealand, on 9 October 1838, the son of Jane Tonkin Martin and her husband, James Buller....

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