Coming up

Te Ara completed the build stage of its publishing programme in 2014 and is now being updated and maintained by the Research & Publishing Group. Content and technical updates in progress or coming up soon include:

  • Reviewing and updating census and other statistics used in the Social Connections theme.
  • Reviewing content on Treaty settlements and Iwi entries alongside Te Taiwhakaea project.
  • Updating the Flag entry and adding new design information to the Currency entry.
  • Taxonomic changes to Penguins and Shags entries.
  • Mobile responsive design and interface enhancements to improve story navigation.
  • The process of translating Māori content to te reo is nearing completion.
  • Image and media upgrades include a continuing programme to replace Flash-based content with fully accessible and mobile-friendly content (e.g., videos and interactives).
  • Enhancing keywording to improve navigation and links to related content.
  • Developing an API that third parties, including international content aggregation services, can use to republish our content.

All published content will be periodically reviewed and updated, and new subjects will be added to keep Te Ara fresh and up to date.